From the very first minute of our lives till the last breath, scents fill every moment of it. Scents help us travel through time and space, get different feelings, dive into the world of memories.
Scent has a sensual and emotional nature. Olfaction is the one sensory human ability which
is beyond our will. Olfactory system is closely linked to the emotion center in the human brain and our memory.
Anna Sivacheva is a therapist, perfumer, olfactory mood architect, founder of Olfactory Psychology Center, author of Aroma d*Anima
We enrich ourselves with olfactory information by unconsciously inhaling the air or deliberately enjoying the scent we like. New olfactory impressions and feelings influence our emotional, social and mental development. Eventually, these impressions preserve in our brain and take part in forming new experience.
There is a universal sensory language comprehensible for everybody – the language of color, scent and sound. By combining the power or scent, color and sound we offer you to dive into the world of unforgettable sensual experience and brand-new associations. Olfactory-visual-acoustic synesthesia provides the deepest and complete sense of exhibition's space.