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You are one of life's go-getters, born with an ability to make it all happen. Ironically, this ability goes without saying and considered to be a required feature of everybody, but that's not what everyone can possess. You can make things happen because there is a true energy that lies behind your words and actions. People may well observe an air of invincibility about you because you are a catalyzing force who injects tremendous drive and focus into any project or endeavor — and into the people around you.

The willpower of the Heart, the intense feelings of the Emotions, and the adrenaline surge of the Root are enough, either in isolation or combined, to surge to the Throat to create a highly motivated person capable of powerful expression and manifestation.

For a Throat connection to be relevant, the channels must be fully in color; that is, they must be active channels. The Root's active connection must find its path to the Throat via the Emotions or Spleen.

Manifestors account statistically for about 8 percent of the world's population, so first appreciate that you are rare with your relentless, compulsive, driving energy that constantly seeks to act, achieve, and do. Your nature is to be a human dynamo, actively accomplishing goals. Such accomplishments, which you might take for granted, can attract either admiration or jealousy from non-Manifestors, mainly because a lot of people hanker for your manifesting ability! You may find it hard to understand why others have such difficulty getting things done, but not everyone can achieve things as quickly or effortlessly as you, so cut them some slack. You are the one type who can go it alone and succeed, needing no one and nothing but your own drive.

Indeed, if I were to compare you to a car, you would be the Maserati. You get in your superpowered vehicle, turn the ignition, and you're off! It helps to realize that you are the key and ignition switch missing in others. Imagine how it must feel for a non-Manifestor turning that ignition switch and having nothing happen. You may struggle to understand that feeling, especially if you are an employer, but this understanding alone can lead to a new cooperation that encourages others and enables them to utilize your input.

If you see a stressed-out parent with a child running him or her ragged, you're probably witnessing a non-Manifestor parent struggling with a Manifestor child. You'll recognize Manifestor babies, too — as soon as they can crawl, they're off here, there, and everywhere. Just wait till they learn to walk! I've met many non-Manifestor parents whose children are Manifestors, and they are worn out trying to keep up with their hyper but capable offspring. All these children seek is the freedom to be con- stantly active; it stifles their nature to be restricted.

What their parents must learn is to provide free rein within certain boundaries, such as: "You can stay up, but 8 PM is bedtime" or "You can go outside to play, but the end of the street is the limit." It is the honoring of freedom within limits that strikes the balance here. Also, aim to provide activities and interests that keep their relentless energy engaged. Describe sensible boundaries and let them be!

If, on the other hand, you're the Manifestor parent and your child is a non-Manifestor, you may wonder why she is not more like you. Like mother, like daughter, right? Wrong. It is not in a non-Manifestors' nature to be like you, and you cannot train them to be equal powerhouses.

In relationships, a Manifestor can be hard to live with be- cause of a constant need for action that leads to unpredictability and potential volatility. It can lead to an attitude of "Do it my way or take the highway." Don't even think about trying to control a Manifestor. You might as well lock a lion in a tiny cage and await the roar. But appreciate the gift of an extremely capable partner who, granted freedom, will find a way through anything and be a consummate professional — and forever thank you for understanding them.

The key to understanding Manifestors is to know they are born doers, eager to make things happen. Blocking them, asking them to stop, or nagging them to spend more time relaxing is trying to get them to behave in a way contrary to their nature. You're far better off enhancing this temperament by celebrating it, appreciating Manifestors' efforts and letting them go for it. They need to be active. For them, there is no bliss to be found in doing nothing. Be aware that attempts to quiet them can lead to friction or anger.

As a Manifestor, you must also recognize that your mere presence will push all sorts of buttons in people. Not everyone appreciates a whirlwind. You may rattle people and send them off-balance. This is your catalyzing nature in action, so be watchful of your impact, in the home and socially; recognize who's getting upset and don't take it personally.

The upside is that you do have a tremendous ability to motivate and propel others. You can make people walk on hot coals and bring them through unscathed. You are a truly catalyzing force. But a Manifestor design does not mean you are infallible. You can appear pushy, forceful, and even intimidating, wanting to move "less-able beings" out of the way. Learn to appreciate that people will try their best in your company, and allow them to do so.

There is also a chance that in your childhood you were discouraged and blocked from your natural manifesting. Teachers and parents may not have understood you. "Sit down, be quiet, and stay still" is the worst thing a Manifestor can hear, and this can lead to rebellion or an inner rage building up until it blows. Even worse, you may have shut down and may still be denying your true expression.

Also, be watchful of people taking advantage of you. You might find yourself expected to constantly fetch and carry, fixing everything for everyone around you. You're a Manifestor, not a slave. You're on this Earth to catalyze action, not to perform duties for others. As a Manifestor, you have a big responsibility to be clear about to what and whom you lend your manifesting abilities. When you're clear, or moving forward, you're a sight to behold. When you're unclear, or blocked, you're liable to tear the world down around you. Once you understand that the world doesn't necessarily operate on your level, you'll find it easier to engage with others and their slower way of getting things done. What I will say about life with a Manifestor is that it can be fun — because who knows what's going to happen next?

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